About Us

Just 2 guys and a plan….for a better pan!

Introducing Cast-A-Way Carbon, Ltd. — your newest, innovative carbon steel pan and accessories that allow you to "Cook Like A Pro."

After being in metal fabrication for 20+ years, we were certain we could create a better product for culinary lovers & outdoor adventurers alike, allowing them to toss the heavy antiquated cast iron aside. Our goal is to create a carbon steel pan that is designed so well that it lasts a lifetime and beyond!

We offer carbon steel pans and cooking accessories that are functionally superior, while maintaining sleek and stylish looks to fit the needs of our valued customers! Whether you’re a chef, a wanna be chef, or a backyard barbecuer, we aim to make you look good and your meals look even better!

We are proud to share that our products are 100% made from American steels with American labor.