The Cast-A-Way Difference

Why Cast-A-Way?

Cast-A-Way product line was designed by metal fabricators, avid outdoorsmen, and passionate chefs. Combining those traits is a recipe for success in making the very best carbon steel cooking line in the industry.

We are proud to have the valued employees and proper equipment to produce each custom product from start to finish, right here in the Lowcountry. No delays on overseas shipments or supply interruptions. In addition, our team ensures that every inch of product is made to perfection and shipped in a timely manner.

Because we use our products in our everyday lives, we can confidently say they’ve been tried, tested, and perfected! Being our own worst critics, rest assured that we have worked tirelessly to make sure you’re receiving the highest quality possible and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Cast-A-Way 10” Carbon Steel Pan

Cast-A-Way’s 10” carbon steel pan was designed for everyday use and is our most practical and popular size. It is lighter than its cast iron alternatives, but still offers all the fantastic benefits that people love about cooking with cast iron. Our pans are very streamlined, free of bolts, rivets and welds, eliminating the headache of trapped food at cleanup. This less porous, smoother carbon steel finish allows for easier clean up! All of our pans arrive seasoned, so you can enjoy them immediately — no prep required!

Our convex profile was designed specifically to eliminate spin on all cooking surfaces.